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nice to meet you 的基本解釋-很高興見到你 相關中文詞匯 很高興見到你 熱門詞匯 blond fountain medical background internationalization stowage radar bloody diverge negate 詞典 歌詞 歌詞
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Nice to meet you beautiful 認識你很高興翻譯公司 拓展雙語例句 1,Hello, Mr Huang.Nice to meet you. 你好,黃先生,很高興能見到你。2,Nice to meet you here. You look great. 很高興見到你,你看起來氣色不錯。3,Nice to meet you,Tom. 很高興見到你
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Very nice to meet you中文的意思,翻譯及用法:非常高興認識你。英漢詞典提供【Very nice to meet you】的詳盡中文翻譯,用法,例句等 英漢例句 Hi, freakyqi, Very nice to meet you here everytime.You are a girl, I have thought you are a boy before. lol. 每次見到
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Nice to meet you 對應的中文應該怎么說?
在英文里,Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. 是比較常見的見面問候語。直譯成中文可能是 "很高興認… 顯示全部我個人還是經常說“很高興認識您”的。如果不這么說的話,可以換成“幸會”“久仰”,這樣可能看上去稍微“中文”一點。
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okay its nice to meet you —— 英文翻譯成中文 google 翻譯 好的很高興認識你 0 百度翻譯 0 有道翻譯 好的很高興見到你 0 yandex翻譯 好它很高興見到你 0 babylon翻譯 好了很高興認識你 0 標籤: okay its nice
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關于中文 (簡體) 的問題 Hello Nice to meet you 是什么意思? 查看翻譯 Report copyright infringement 回答 當你”踩”了一個回答的時候, 回答者不會收到通知。 O只有提問者才能查看踩了這 …
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26/6/2008 · In fact, “You too!” is correct. It means “Nice to meet you too!”. “Me too!” is wrong. Think about it: it doesn’t make sense that you say that you are nice to meet yourself too. 大部份都是說 me too既 , (I’m sure they are not native speakers.) 點解我見到有人答you
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中文 English GEGE Co. Ltd. is a board game distributor and publisher based in Taipei, Taiwan. Home> Product> (中文) NICE TO MEET YOU (中文) NICE TO MEET YOU 10-30 mins 2-8 13+ Designer: Ariel Yi Chi Chang, Chih-Ying Chen, Tsung-Chien Hsieh Link
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18/6/2007 · It was nice to have a telephone conversation with you this morning. Nice talking to you on the phone / Nice to work with you. Nice meeting you in last week meeting I can prepare all samples in the end of June / at the early of June/in the beginning of June./in the mid of June We will wire transfer payment to you upon receipt of your shipping doc. Please comment upon …
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Nice to Meet You
It’d be an honor to know you, are you willing to? My name is Jasmine Star and I’m a photographer, podcaster, business strategist, and CEO of Social Curator.It’s nice to meet you! I am a proud nerd (piles of books everywhere), geek (let’s talk tech), and scrappy hustler (thankful for a hard knock life).

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